Coral Gables- Miami’s Little Paradise

A metropolis which seems to continually change in sync with its environment, Coral Gables Miracle Mile is the best place where you can find chic and designer boutiques, fancy restaurants, and fun-filled cultural attractions and boulevard which still offers a “walking” environment where you can freely stroll with your dogs or have a late afternoon walk with your loved ones.  Locals and visitors can mingle freely, savoring the sweet taste of what Miracle Mile has to offer. Being part of City Beautiful, once you visit the place, you’ll understand why it got its name. With the beautiful scenery it provides (towering palm trees, European style building, and establishments), both residents and visitors go hand in hand to achieve a peaceful and relaxing community.

History and Development

Behind every beautiful and prosperous community is a group of people working together to achieve a unified goal. The BID (Business Improvement District) of Coral Gables has become the foundation of Miracle Mile’s developing community. The BID offers financial support to the community and proper management to sustain them for the years to come. Not only that, it watches over 19 blocks of Coral Gables, which includes Miracle Mile. The members of the BID are working together to maintain the order of the community, bringing together organizations and the general public to have an overall improvement. With over a hundred property owners and 350 more merchants, Miracle Mile can offer the best of the best to fit your lifestyle.

The BID of Coral Gables has been promoting Coral Gables for a better community. As the heart of Coral Gables, Miracle Mile is undergoing improvements through a series of advertising and marketing, giving opportunities for businesses to bloom and develop. Business owners are welcome to find a home for their activities, offering more attractions for locals as well as visitors. Over 350 merchants work hand in hand to provide the most excellent restaurants, cafes, and boutiques which goes well with the Mediterranean-inspired tree-lined streets and European environment offering a comfortable place to shop, play, work, live and relax. This stylish and sophisticated place will capture your heart, making you come back for more.

Fun-Filled Places

Coral Gables, Miracle Mile would not be as developed as it is right now without the enthusiastic and concerned people of the place. The Business Improvement District has proven to have done well in maintaining the place’s fantastic ambiance and establishments. Along with the merchants, businessmen and women and even just the locals, your experience would not be complete without seeing their happy faces as you look around and appreciate the beauty of the place.

A home is only a house when there’s no one living inside it, and so Miracle Mile is happy to welcome tourists and visitors with arms wide open, making you feel at home during your stay. You’ll never have to miss home, because when you visit in Coral Gables Miracle Mile, you’ll feel like visiting your home away from home.