Biogas and Bio Methane from MBP Solution

MBP solution is a well renowned company which assists industries all over the world to improve the various aspects of their by-product management. With office branches and production plants in several countries, the company has a team of experts who possess detailed understanding of the latest production technology.

The company also boasts of an impressive track record and experience in dealing with a wide variety of substrates for biogas and bio methane production, it is one of the major players in the area of industrial feedstock’s and the transformation of used cooking oil into biodiesel.

Biogas and Bio methane

MBP provides a wide range of substrates to be used in the biogas and bio methane plants which are also known as the anaerobic digestion plants. These substrates are obtained from the food/feed or oleo chemical producers where they are regarded as inevitable by-products. The substrates are then used as co-substrates together with other agricultural substrates.

MBP ensures that the substrates are first analyzed and then registered for use in the anaerobic digestion plants. The experts then proceed to calculate the substrates gas potential and monitor them to ensure they comply with the necessary legal requirements and product specifications.

MBP’s team of experts possess excellent technical knowledge which enables them to determine how any type of substrates proposed for a specific plant will interact with the rest of the substrates and how well the substrate can be managed within the biogas and bio methane plant so as to achieve the optimized output of biogas or bio methane.

The Biogas and Bio methane market

Over the recent years many countries are realizing that biogas and bio methane are important elements that will enable them achieve their set renewable energy targets in line with their specific neutral carbon footprint.

The EU has also addressed the public concern relating to the adverse consequences involved in the production of biofuels. They introduced the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) in 2009, and then later amended as by the Directive 2015/1513.

MBP fully supports the EU’s directive by committing itself to supplying substrates for biogas and bio methane production which meet the requirements of the RED. The company’s Sustainability policy ensures that they supply substrates and co-substrates which are only produced from waste and by-products and not from crops.

The supply challenges encountered by MBP and the solutions applied

·         Challenges

Industrial substrates and co-substrates used for the production of biogas and bio methane are very difficult to source on long-term contracts. On the other hand, plenty of customers prefer long-term supply contracts as they offer supply security. Thus it becomes hard to satisfy the high demand of the clients with the few supply available.

The other challenge is the poor definition of the quality profiles and technical characteristics of the industrial substrates and co-substrates for the biogas and bio methane. This makes it difficult to determine how the substrates will integrate into the desired anaerobic digestion plant. This is caused by the lack of knowledge by the producers of the substrates and the scarce information available concerning the biological processes which are at the base of the biogas production.

·         Solutions

To tackle the challenge of sourcing the industrial substrates and co-substrates MBP has created long-term working relationships with various suppliers of industrial residues which can be used as substrates for the production of biogas and bio methane. This enables the company to offer long-term contracts to their customers since there is a constant supply of the product.

To ensure that they supply high quality products, there employees conduct thorough quality control programs to ensure that all their orders meet the specified quality standards before being delivered to the customer.

To ensure a swift delivery MBP has a dedicated team which is in-charge of logistics management and customer service, there mandate is to ensure that the products are delivered on time and according to the agreement between MBP and their clients.